Perfection with Kindness all the way

Please visit our sponsors

We are honoured and proud to have our four main sponsors on board for the 2017 season. We recommend all the products and service provided, team members are also clients, Brookfield vets provided care and advice to the team on all health matters relating to our dogs, we even have veterinary nurses in the team Skinners are our food providers and have been a great help over the years involved with us. New for 2017 Tug-E-Nuff provide the team with excellent motivational tug toys for training purposes, these and more are available to all from their on-line store, check them out. Vitafeed provide the team with any required supplements that their dogs require As you can see by watching the display, our dogs are in tip top condition.
Sponsors We are most appreciative of our sponsors, without whom we couldn’t operate in the way we do. If you are interested in sponsoring the team in some way,big or small, don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss what we can offer